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“Quality Jobs and Respect for Rule of law a Prerequisite for Return of AGOA!!!”


The Global week of Action for Democracy in Swaziland, is one annual global campaign upon which all human rights and democracy loving Swazis and internationalist commiserate the so called independence of Swaziland the last absolute Monarchy in the World. The complete lack of democracy, respect for basic human rights, good governance and rule of law has continued to define the face of Swazi politics for the last 41 painful years.63%poverty datum, 52%unemplyment rate coupled with deep-seated economic divide between the filthy rich royally connected few against the scavenging powerless commoners has even widened to skull breaking levels of late. The imminent threat of a loss of not less than 20,000 text tile jobs pursuant to the defiance of his majesty`s government promises to exacerbate this dire situation to levels unheard off in the history of this great nation.

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Aims of Global week