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Release Mario and other detained Activists!!
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Global Week of Action
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Swazilland Democracy Campaigns

About The Swaziland Democracy Campaign

A Global Action for Democracy in Swaziland

The Swaziland Democracy Campaign is a broad coalition of progressive organisations inside Swaziland and in South Africa united around the demand for multiparty democracy in Swaziland. It is a campaign born of the organised representatives of the struggling people of Swaziland, always acting in tandem with the momentum inside the country and guided by their political objectives.

The SDC co-ordinates the activities of the democratic forces and does not act on behalf of the Swazi people, but in full compliance with their directives and interests as provided by their democratic organisations united under the umbrella of the Swaziland United Democratic Front (SUDF), which is their political leadership inside Swaziland uniting all progressive forces for change.Read More